The artist

José Luis Tejedor

Photographer and cofounder of ADHOKERS® advertising company, Jose Luis Tejedor is an image and sound engineer with a great experience in technical post-production direction of cinema, advertising and television. His digital background and high technical level as a photographer contribute to his artwork with a powerful visual aesthetics in the treatment of images.

He founded ADHOKERS® a company who makes advertisement for major brands with Beatriz Acinas.

This past years, his photographic works have been exhibited at the Royal Photographic Society of Madrid, La Lonja of Matadero, Quintanar Palace in Segovia or the Gershon Gallery in Viena, among others.

He also participate in various artistic events such as “Feria Estampa”, “Mulafest”, “Entrefotos”, “Festimatge de Calella”, “Segoviafoto”…

He has collaborated with several brands making author artworks under request such as Absolut, Huawei, Cervezas Alhambra, Beefeater and Movistar, among others….

His work





SmokeAliens® have no gender or age, which does not condition their personality. SmokeAliens® products can be used by everyone.

We defend a society where neither gender nor age are relevant to achieve what we want. A society with basic human values and ecological values can save our planet. Things that we love can evaporate as fast as smoke, the smoke that has been capture by the artist just before erasing forever…

Thats why smokeAliens® are here, to stay. There arent from this planet, they belong to our inner space. You only have to look inside yourself to make changes.

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